Frequently Asked Questions

Product & Sourcing

We have a dedicated sourcing team that communicates and works with tea producers directly. Our selections are the product of long-term friendships [and new ones, too!] and working with producers who believe in exceptional quality production and experimentations. From this, we've been able to produce, say, an oolong-dominant cultivar as a black tea.

We keep in touch with producers and make it a priority to visit annually. COVID hindered our ability to do this but we have just returned from our first sourcing trip to Taiwan and Thailand. Read more about it here!

Because we value the relationship with the producers we work with, we are able to collaborate on uncommon and/or experimental teas that are exclusive to us. We are constantly searching for the rare, exciting, and daring. Ideas become experiments which become teas we serve to you. Take a look at the Winter Daphne's Bai Rui Xiang cultivar transformed into a black tea as the Winter Daphne Black.

We use the term 'unsprayed' to signify non-chemically treated teas. Organic certifications can often translate into thousands of USD per year for a tea farm, which is not a cost that seems appropriate for producers if they know their practices and sourcing ethics are clean.

Because we visited origin to meet with producers, sample teas, and select what we carry, we are directly able to validate whether or not a tea is treated with chemicals, pesticides, and more. We source tea that is unsprayed.

Despite our company's sourcing ethos being heavily organic (many of our producers are USDA, QAI and EU certified), it is presently in our policy that we do not disclose which specific producers are organic—as we believe it is unfair to many of our smallholders who produce by organic standards and cannot afford the time or cost of the certification.

Our tea bags are made from vegetable oil and are fully biodegradable. Tea bags are available only to our wholesale partners to assist with their tea workflows in busy situations..


If you've ordered on accident or need to cancel an order, contact us immediately at

We do not offer pick-ups at this time. We do not have a physical store location and only serve an e-commerce model. Thanks for understanding!

Due to the nature of tea being a consumable product, we cannot offer returns and refunds. However, if there is an error or defect, we will happily offer a refund and solution on a case-by-case basis. Please contact for more information.

Shipping & Returns

LEAD TIME -  24-48 hour from when production sees your order.


West Coast - 4-5 days after leaving warehouse

East Coast - 3-4 days after leaving warehouse

MidWest- 2-3 days after leaving warehouse

Southern territory - 3-4 days after leaving warehouse.

We ship via USPS and Fedex.

All orders will be processed within 2 to 3 business days as they are received and shipped via UPS. Delivery timing will depend on your selection and location. Please contact if you have any questions.

We use UPS for all retail shipments. You have the option to select the level of priority desired. We also use ShopPay and give you the options to pay for your order in installments if needed.

Due to the nature of tea being a food product, we cannot offer standard returns. If there is a problem with your order, we would be happy to assist you. Email us at


We offer complimentary tea training for every new account, which covers a wide breadth of tea knowledge, passion, and history, as well as differentiating and perfecting the brewing specs for the distinct teas you’ve chosen. We also assist with menu development to craft a clear, concise, and complementary list of offerings for your shop. If you have not already been reached out to coordinate a training date, please contact Taylor Cowan, Co-founder and our Director of Sourcing and Education at

The good news: there are many right answers! We do know that the choice can be overwhelming without context. If that becomes the case, we can offer guidance on which teas seem best suited for your company’s needs. Please contact Jordan Scherer, Co-founder and our Director of Sales, at

We have a full page with information, perks, and the occasional staff pet photo here!

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