Our first themed release 🌱

Lilacs: Memory and Desire

Our first ever seasonal theme centralizes our core brand color, lilac, and its namesake: the early-blooming, flowering shrub. Have you ever noticed how much more a flower shines in the diffused and cloudy light of a rainy day? In Chicago, we’ve had an absolutely brutally cold, wet, and ceaselessly gloomy spring. This is partially due to climate change, and it begins to show you how the fate of nature and the fate of our emotions are intertwined. What does spring’s rebirth mean in a world that promises less and less of it?

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Redesigned Standard Brewers and Pitchers

Kindred spirits 🧩 fit together like a puzzle. Combined, our rebranded standard brewers and serving pitchers paint a serene tea garden scene. We love a little fun shelf appeal. Alternatively, place the front and back of these boxes next to each other to complete their own picture. In collab with m_a_n_u_a_l goods.

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Spirit Tea is an American tea importer dedicated to preserving the integrity of tea from cultivation to preparation, infusion, and experience.

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Curiosity inspires us to share. We look to the future as being a more open, eager, and humble tea community. In short, we want to put our work and investment towards the world we wish to live in and into those who want to create their own tea practice. We are a small team of many talents, a majority of which are former specialty coffee and retail tea professionals.

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