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Devotion: Commitment and Relationships

In tea sourcing, devotion takes practice, patience, and acceptance. In our personal lives, it's maybe even harder. We expect devotion, yet rarely question how we ourselves embody it. When we see the way ahead is arduous, it's not only natural, but human, to fold or seek another way. But if we're willing to become, it is possible to do so through practice, the rite of devotion. We hone ourselves through practice. We don't usually change without it and it can sometimes feel like things are happening to us rather than having agency in our own lives. What happens to all those unfulfilled New Year's resolutions and forgotten daily routines? Devotion is a requirement for those seemingly impossible long goals.

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Spirit Tea is an American tea importer dedicated to preserving the integrity of tea from cultivation to preparation, infusion, and experience.

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Curiosity inspires us to share. We look to the future as being a more open, eager, and humble tea community. In short, we want to put our work and investment towards the world we wish to live in and into those who want to create their own tea practice. We are a small team of many talents, a majority of which are former specialty coffee and retail tea professionals.

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