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Tea, in its thousand and one different faces, is always about hospitality. Its enjoyment spans all humanity and yet in every culture (each with their own disparate worldviews and values) tea comes to ultimately signify the same thing. Tea is about respect, giving welcome, and showing those that we share space with how we care about them. It is foundational—something that goes back as long as the history of the beverage itself. We bring to you our last release of 2023. These teas are accompanied by gift sets for your loved ones and new additions to our matcha category, the first in a long time.

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Curiosity inspires us to share. We look to the future as being a more open, eager, and humble tea community. In short, we want to put our work and investment towards the world we wish to live in and into those who want to create their own tea practice. We are a small team of many talents, a majority of which are former specialty coffee and retail tea professionals.

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Spirit Tea is an American tea importer dedicated to preserving the integrity of tea from cultivation to preparation, infusion, and experience.

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