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Spirit Tea's Tea Club

Tea Club is a quarterly subscription box where we share some of the most uncommon tea on earth with you. In addition to member-exclusive teas, you’ll receive our newsletter, which contains never-before-seen information on tea topics, origins, the science behind cultivation, and, of course, the talent responsible for its production. You’ll also get a free tea gift from us at Spirit. Join us on our tea traipse around the world. Broaden your horizons, taste delicious microlots not available to the public, and follow-along in our monthly newsletter, for a nonpareil experience of tea in its contemporary era. 

Each Box is Unique

Each issue of Tea Club includes handcrafted artwork and educational materials, created by Chicago designer Stacy Redhead. The artwork and packaging in each issue is carefully and thematically designed around the theme of each Tea Club release. Expand your knowledge and understanding as you taste these selected, unique offerings.

How it Works

Every quarter, Spirit Tea will open seats for new members. Membership fee will be charged on the day you first subscribe and will recur every 90 days thereafter. Each issue of Tea Club will ship within a few weeks of your recurring membership date.