Meet the Ceramist

Sheng Zhi

Sheng Zhi Wu learned ceramics along and calligraphy at a young age, later dipping further into his interdisciplinary study with painting and sculpture as well. His amazing trajectory has been the product of discipline, study-honed talent, and fortuitous circumstance. It is a complicated process blending raw material, which he likens to the multidimensionality of ink painting: like creating new hues by blending on a palette, but also the actual texturality and dimension of oil applied to canvas.  The material, the firing time and temperature; the ratio of different glazes and each piece’s location in the kiln all affect the finished product—and he is fascinated by the desirable causality of each of the factors. His ceramics carry the additional consideration of the “expression of fire” and Sheng Zhi displays unique mastery of deriving color and form from his kiln. His techniques are innovative and his works are coveted across Taiwan.

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