Meet the Producer

Mr. Chiu

“Every step affects the next step. You can’t make a mistake. Thats why my father never sleeps.”-the younger Mr. Chiu

Have you ever met someone so involved in the life of their passion; so dedicated to excellence (their own internal, impossible standard or otherwise), so ensconced in the pursuit that it felt like a dream? That is Mr. Chiu. To be clear, he is kind, equanimous, not without a sense of joy in the world (he grows tasty pears and apples, too!) but with an unshakeable devotion to gaoshancha craft. His processing facility is a day-and-night affair of dyed-in-the wool tradition and supreme standards of excellence. With his dedicated team, he monitors each and every step: from freshly plucked solar withering, to tumbling, shaping and fixing. There is not a detail that misses his eye during processing season. Along with his younger son and protege, he is quietly making some of the best gaoshancha, bar none.