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LEAD TIME -  24-48 hour from when production sees your order.


West Coast - 4-5 days after leaving warehouse

East Coast - 3-4 days after leaving warehouse

MidWest- 2-3 days after leaving warehouse

Southern territory - 3-4 days after leaving warehouse.

We ship via USPS and Fedex.

We have a talented graphic design on our staff that can conjure a beautiful menu when the need arises. Our accounts experience a healthier movement of tea when using a dedicated tea menu. Feel free to contact us to learn more.

Taylor, cofounder and Director of Education, is inspired and activated by in-person trainings. We can accommodate full staff trainings when we are visiting our territories. We specialize in tea tastings, menu development, palate training, and more.

We use the term 'unsprayed' to signify non-chemically treated teas. Organic certifications can often translate into thousands of USD per year for a tea farm, which is not a cost that seems appropriate for producers if they know their practices and sourcing ethics are clean.

Because we visited origin to meet with producers, sample teas, and select what we carry, we are directly able to validate whether or not a tea is treated with chemicals, pesticides, and more. We source tea that is unsprayed.

Despite our company's sourcing ethos being heavily organic (many of our producers are USDA, QAI and EU certified), it is presently in our policy that we do not disclose which specific producers are organic—as we believe it is unfair to many of our smallholders who produce by organic standards and cannot afford the time or cost of the certification.

Direct from the source

We develop and foster relationships with the producers we work with and aim to visit their farms annually, low COVID risk permitting. You can read about our trips on our blog.

Relationship is priority

We intend to work with producers for the long-run. This gives us the ability to source special lots. Previous examples include: debuts of new cultivars, cultivars processed as multiple teas, experimental farming practices, etc.

a team of dedicated and fun humans

Spirit is composed of many talents, personalities, wit, and humor. When the life cycle of tea, starting from farm and ending with you, is full of vibrant souls who love tea and believe in its craft, your tea will feel more lively and inspiring.