Our Story




Spirit is an American tea company dedicated to sourcing an uncommon selection of handmade teas. We are a conglomeration of industry veterans with decades of combined experience in tea, coffee, hospitality and herbalism. We believe in tea—that a great cup is the result of passion and strong relationships. All of our teas are seasonally curated selections that feature no fruits, flowers, flavorings, or sweeteners. Just the natural beauty of the tea plant.   

We chose the name Spirit because of its latin origin spirare, which means “to breathe.” When you drink tea, you do not drink leaves but the flavor compounds extracted from them by water, you drink their essence, their spirit—the leaves remain. When you stop and commit yourself to nothing but the act of making tea, you take time to breathe and taste the wind, sunlight and clouds behind the miracle in your cup.


Spirit Tea
3431 W. Fullerton Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647