For those who seek a caffeine-free companion. Not stimulating but not boring either. The perfect nightcap. The ideal iced tea. The favored sip of hope past 5.


Seek clarity in these teas. It is said we drink tea, we consume its spirit. Question: what can a spirit teach me? Answer: find it in the time that passes, beginning when still water comes to boil and lastly, to the pouring of tea in one's cup.



Teas that light the spark of joy. Feel golden, bright, inspiring, and warm with energy.


Thermogenic by nature. Teas that wake up the body and engage the senses with a warmth that feels intimate. May also provoke contemplation, thought, and bring us to the present.


Teas with the power to communicate with our body's minerals and magnetize them to Earth's core, grounding us. Pair these with a book that smells like aged, tattered paper and oak. Alternatively, brew outside in the elements of your choosing, crossed-legged, and look to the sky for the answers you seek.