Emily Cox • June 18, 2024

Tealight: Good Time Cafe

Tea Light

We had a conversation with Joey Villalobos, the owner of Good Time, and asked him a few questions. Read on to learn more about our relationship with Good Time and their inspirations.


Do you find ways in which Spirit aligns with the heart of Good Time Cafe? 

"Spirit and Good Time align over quality, we are known for having something for everyone and when it comes to carrying matcha or any loose leaf teas we're able to make a tasty beverage for the ones who might not drink coffee or just love our tea options."

How does your community enjoy tea in your space?

"Our community enjoys tea in the shop with all of our rotating seasonal menu items, we always try to highlight at least one fun matcha creation."

What is the inspiration / process behind Good Time Cafes matcha specialty drinks?

"The inspiration behind our specialty matcha drinks are what fruits or flavors are in season, we've been creating more and more house made syrups to pair with Spirits matcha."

Are there any unique food pairings from the menu you recommend with tea?

"Our breakfast burrito is our staple at the shop and I believe it pairs with not only our coffee options but especially iced Rosella!"