Emily Cox • March 19, 2024

Tea Light: Tricia Lu

Tea Light
This month's Tea Light illuminates Tricia, @triciaa_lu. You've likely encountered her across our various platforms, showcasing her morning tea rituals, instructional videos, and hosting tea tasting workshops. Tricia has contributed to the Spirit Tea team for three years as our West Coast Sales Manager, nurturing connections with businesses in the coffee and tea industry. Read below to learn more about Tricia and relationship with tea.



Spirit Tea: What is your role, and how long have you worked at Spirit Tea?

Tricia Lu: I am the West Coast sales manager at Spirit Tea and I've been with the company for three years now.



S: What is your favorite experience in your role?  
T: Oh man, I love that I am able to travel and build relationships with people in the industry. I worked in coffee for over a decade and have met a lot of wonderful people, and to be able to continue those relationships and work together in a different capacity makes me happy. 
S: What are some methods you use to stay grounded?
T: The ritual of making tea reminds me to slow down and  be present. Life moves so fast and I find myself in my head a lot, so taking the time to make a cup of tea for myself is a small way to practice being mindful. Also, being with my fiance makes me feel  like whatever obstacle we come across or whatever happens in life, good or bad, she has my back and we'll always be ok.
S: What time of day do you drink tea? 
T: Usually in the morning. I like to wake up and make myself and my fiance a cup of tea to start the day. But I do tea tastings at all times of the day, sometimes I'm wired at like 9pm.
S: What is your favorite tea from Spirit Tea collection?  
T: This is so tough. I'm a big fan of oolong and white teas, but I think one of the most beautiful teas that I've had is the Clear Heart White tea from Thailand. It reminds me of flowers right after it rains, it tastes like a cumulus cloud, it feels like one of those soft blankets from Home Goods, it smells like the scent of your favorite person.
S: Describe how tea makes you feel in one word and why.
T: Safe. I'm actually a pretty avoidant person and not super in touch with my feelings, but for some reason tea makes me feel safe and warm. It's like a hug, it's consistent, serene, and feels very nostalgic for me.