Emily Cox • April 17, 2024

Tea Light: Nomad Chicago

Tea Light

In this installment of our Tea Light series we explore Nomad Chicago. Nomad, nestled in Chicago's River North, isn't just a store, it's a visionary project by Lara Moynihan and Erika Nolan. Offering more than retail, it's a haven where globally sourced goods, delightful treats, and serene spaces converge, inviting all to experience its unique charm in the heart of the city.

Q: Do you find ways in which Spirit Tea aligns with the heart of Nomad?

A: We believe that both Spirit Tea and Nomad Chicago are aligned on what products we serve to our communities. At Nomad Chicago, we are dedicated to using organic clean ingredients from our milks to our syrups; as well as local coffee from Metric Coffee. Like Spirit Tea, we have an emphasis on ethically sourced products and sustainability. (Dasia, Social Media Manager & Barista) 


Q: How does the local community enjoy tea in your space?

A: Our community tends to enjoy Spirit Tea by relaxing in our space, instead of ordering it to go. We steep all teas on demand behind the bar and serve it on a bamboo tray with a double wall glass cup and glass hottle to keep the tea warm, just as when it was first ordered. Our team is very knowledgeable on our tea menu and usually guide our tea drinkers on which tea to try. (Dasia, Social Media Manager & Barista)



Q: What is the inspiration / process behind Nomad’s tea-infused specialty drinks?

A: We believe that a specialty tea-infused drink can be just as special, or even more unique, as a specialty coffee beverage. Our process begins with a collaborative process between the baristas and the manager, Jelena, who is a private chef with years of professional culinary experience. We aim for flavor combinations that are unique and embrace the natural flavor of the tea. (Dasia - Social Media Manager & Barista and Jelena - Manager and Ryan - Barista)


Q: How does the cafe interact with the tea individually and as a component of a beverage, recipe, etc?

A: Individually, we curate our tea menu based on season, taste, and popularity within our community. We always like to try out anything new that Spirit has created and rotate our offerings accordingly. Additionally, our Seasonal Specialty drink menu always incorporates Spirit Tea’s Then and Now Ceremonial Grade Matcha. At the moment, we have a Coconut Lime Matcha, which combines matcha with coconut condensed milk, our house-made coconut and lime syrups, lime powder topping, and roasted coconut flakes. We also have a Black Peach Tea, containing Sunstone, white peach nectar, simple syrup, and a peach ring. (Dasia - Social Media Manager & Barista and Jelena - Manager)