Casey Chartier-Vignapiano • November 15, 2023

Tea Light: Kevin He

Tea Light

This month, we are featuring an integral part of Spirit Tea's operations. Kevin He met Jordan and Taylor as their translator during one of their first trips to origin when they started this company. They extended Kevin a job offer shortly after. Kevin is an expert in sourcing and keeps the machine of Spirit well-oiled and running.



What is your role, and how long have you worked at Spirit Tea?


I met Jordan and Taylor in June 2016 when they visited Taiwan for a week. Since we worked on some projects, I formally joined Spirit Tea in March 2019. My job is to primarily source tea and ensure a smooth shipment to the HQ.

What is your foundation with tea?


Tea is part of my blood as I drank lots of tea when I was little because of my dad.


Can you share your favorite experiences visiting tea farms? Meeting producers?

Since 2019, I have visited Mr.Lu in Chiang Rai almost every year, and his massive tea farms always blow me away, and most importantly, his grit and dedication. He solely runs the tea business by managing over 60 workers, and he continues to expand his farms while confronting a never-ending threat from climate change and a shortage of water and labor.

What time of day do you drink tea?

I drink tea the whole day, around 5 to 6 teas daily.

What is your favorite tea from Spirit Tea?

Honey Alpine.

Describe how tea makes you feel in one word and why.

Calmness.  When drinking tea, I consciously slow down; it is the moment I appreciate tea and feel connected to it. The connection reminds me of the importance of being in the present and returning to a state of calmness. ❃