Emily Cox • May 14, 2024

Tea Light | Daniel Mendoza

In this installment of our Tea Light series we talk with Daniel Mendoza, our Colorado-based tea specialist who helps establish and maintain Colorado cafes' outstanding tea menus.



Q: What is your role?

Supporting the Colorado market.


Q: What is your favorite experience within your role?

Drinking tea with coffee roasters.


Q: What are some methods you use to stay grounded?

Tea itself keeps my busy mind grounded.


Q: What time of day do you drink tea?

Morning | Bright and Floral | Matcha cortado

Midday | Floral | Clear Heart White

Evening | Sweet | Silver Tip Supreme or Brandy Oolong


Q: What is your favorite tea from the Spirit Tea collection?

Clear Heart White


Q: Describe how tea makes you feel in one word, and why?

"Alive" - The fragrance of tea always brings me a good memory and a huge smile.