Casey Chartier-Vignapiano • January 17, 2024

Tea Light: Amanda Lira-Karabatsos

Tea Light

Our first Tea Light of the year is dedicated to Amanda, the Office Manager and Account Receivables at Spirit Tea, with four years of service and a commitment to reaching five. Amanda serves as a vital link between departments, fostering a secure and welcoming atmosphere for our employees, guests, and shop pups within the company. Queue “The View” – DAO, Adam Friedman and discover more about Amanda below.




Spirit: What is your role, and how long have you worked at Spirit Tea?


Amanda: I have been at it since 2019. Just celebrated 4 years and working towards 5. I am the Office Manager but for some, I am the face of Account Receivables. Find me in your DM’s for those monthly statements ;)

S: What is your favorite experience in your role?


A: As a whole, my role is something that is ever growing, there is always something new to learn, chances to improve personally and professionally. It honestly tendrils into a lot of aspects of Spirit. Over the years, it's been a pleasure to be the bridge between departments and to provide a safe, comfortable environment and culture for our employees, guests, and shop pups.

S: What are some methods you use to stay grounded?


A: I am not going to lie, I thought about this one for a moment because I know it means something different for everyone. But reflecting on the essence of being grounded, the words of one of my favorite poets, Mary Oliver, comes to mind: “…pay attention, this is our endless and proper work." Avoiding relentless optimism, at some point that becomes toxic, being grounded for me means paying attention to the intricacies of life, growth and the world around me. Life isn't always an upward climb; it navigates through valleys, winding roads, and it ascends peaks. Being grounded involves embracing all these aspects – understanding my past, appreciating and honoring the stories and the people that came before me. It signifies returning “home” and acknowledging that some days are marked by sighs, laughter, tears, or moments of quiet contemplation. We've all been there. Above all, being grounded means being versed well in my roots, my rights, and my reasons – keeping myself surrounded by a community that consistently reinforces these values.


S: What time of day do you drink tea?


A: Despite what some may think, not everyone that works here drinks as much tea as Jordan or Taylor, some of us, some of us being me, is a one cup a day gal and that cup is after dinner.

S: What is your favorite tea from Spirit Tea collection?


Honey Orchid’s #1 fan here - a favorite of mine from day one, even before I started my job at Spirit.

S: Describe how tea makes you feel in one word and why.


A: Sentimental - In each leaf, there's a connection to the past, a testament to the dedication and knowledge passed down through generations. That is an energy that cannot be replicated. Countless hands have nurtured and crafted these leaves over time. It is for me a sentimental moment, truly, one that has centuries-old stories and shared moments.

I’d like to add that the song that was playing while writing this was “The View” – DAO, Adam Friedman. ❃