Jordan Scherer • December 20, 2018

How to Make Iced Tea: Flash Ice & Cold Brew Methods

Iced tea is the most commonly enjoyed ways to drink tea, especially in the US. No matter the season, iced tea remains refreshing, familiar, and a fantastic base for signature beverages and cocktails. We have three tried-and-true methods we'd love to share with you. 

How To Make Iced Tea: Flash Ice Method 

1. Heat water to usual required temperature for tea.

2. Prewarm vessels. 

3. Measure out tea with usual dose (for added concentration, double dose).

4. Place tea in teapot.

5. Fill teapot with half the desired amount of water volume (e.g. for 12 ounces, fill only 6 ounces).

6. Steep for usual amount of time (as though you were steeping it for hot service).

7. Add ice to brewed tea until desired amount of water volume is reached.

8. Let sit. Agitate if desired to speed cool down.

9. Pour, neat or over ice, and serve.


How to Make Iced Tea: Cold Brew Method 

1. Dose Proper Amount of Tea for Steeping (Use 20-32g / liter of water, depending on desired strength)

2. Add cold, filtered water

3. Place vessel into refrigeration

4. Steep 12 hours for White, Green and Herbal Teas, 24 hours for Black and Oolong.

5. Strain tea into another vessel or serving pitcher. Be sure to empty all of the infusion. Heavier oils will tend to settle. Keep refrigerated.

6. Serve neat or over ice.

Notes on storage: 

First and foremost, make sure your iced tea is refrigerated at all times! When it is at room temp, the tea will oxidize. The taste of oxidation is most obvious in green teas - it tends to taste a bit like rubber or sulfur.  Happy brewing!