Casey Chartier-Vignapiano • November 29, 2023

'Gifts: Care and Gratitude' playlist

New Release
Happy Holiday Season to All Who Celebrate

'Gifts: Care and Gratitude' is a dynamic mix of Spirit Tea’s team's current favorites, blending various genres and moods. It’s a musical journey that reflects not only our diverse tastes but also the sentimental values we hold dear.



Snowin' On Raton by Townes van Zandt

Little Girl Blue by Nina Simone


"If it weren’t for her brilliant interpolation of “Good King Wenceslas” over the melody, it’s not a holiday song at all. I grew up in Cincinnati where it almost never snows but is cold and rainy all Christmas; nothing captures the melancholy, the reflectiveness, the anxiety and bittersweet beauty of the holidays so vividly."


Jordan S

Filtaelie by Felbm

'This time of year I always feel reflective and sentimental and this song just pulls all the strings in my soul.'


Ensueño by Godtet

'This one represents willpower and resilience seeing something through with intention from beginning to end. No frills, nothing special, and yet it encompasses everything I want in a groove.'



Let It Snow by Boys II Men 

This Boyz II Men Christmas album is a classic. Growing up on a military base, everyone was always excited to see which albums were released on Fridays (most of the time, our base store would receive items later than the US release date). My parents love Boys II Men so this was their Friday come up. This song, in particular, was one that my sister and I would harmonize to, and once we saw the first snow of the year trickle in, we’d sing the intro: 'Let it snooooowwww…” I still do it (:

Please Put Me at Ease - Bobbi Humphrey


Blindsided by Hovvdy


Light Years by The National

'Winter has always been my least favorite season, but these days I’m trying to appreciate it as an opportunity to slow down and lean into resting and being indoors. Both of these songs make me nostalgic, melancholic, and glad to be indoors and warm on a cold day.'



“Sailing” by Christopher cross

 "I really like the song. It's a good song to wind down to and kind of reminds me of my partner Erica."


All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey



El Año Viejo by Tony Camargo


Parranda de Navidad by Tania.

'As a kid we all dance and sang to these songs along with my grand parents and the whole family, so every holiday i bring this back but now with my own here in Denver.'



Thankful by Wanyai

'Be thankful for everything that you have every day.'


憨人 Fool by 五月天 Mayday

'Dare to drink big with a beginner's mind.'



AULD LANG SYNE by Guy Lombardo

'There isn't a New Year's Eve that has gone by where my family hasn't played this song on record. The lyrics are about being around the ones you love, having a drink in hand, and talking about the memories you share together...for old times sake.'


SLEEPWALK by Santo & Johnny

'It's a classic go-to for me during the year-end rush. Forces me to romanticize the harsh Chicago winters some of us have the "pleasure" of knowing.'




Skating by Vince Guaraldi Trio

'The main piano melody of "Skating" is perfect for a winter song as it gently cascades like drifting snowflakes. It evokes nostalgia and memories of playing outside during a snowfall as a child.'


Snowfall by Wes Montgomery

'I enjoy listening to relaxing music during my downtime throughout the holiday season —songs that help me unwind while taking a break. "Snowfall" serves as the perfect background jazz for reading a good book as the snow falls outside.'




Pulaski At Night by Andrew Bird

'This album found me at a significant time in my life where I freed myself of a horrible situation. This song is particular kept me company on the NJ Transit as I readjusted to my new life. Oh, and it was Winter. When the cold comes, I think of this. Foreshadow: this album pays tribute to Chicago, my third home of 5 years.'


Open Desert by Big Thief

'I think I just have utmost gratitude for music, a spiritual food for me. Maybe it's my Pisces placements or I'm just moved by witnessing people in their artistic element. To me, this poetic song illustrates vulnerability, deep pain, transformation, rawness. At the other end of these times, care is required.'



Jordan N

Century Rolls: I. First Movement (Excerpt) by John Adams

'This piece always puts an image of falling snowflakes in my mind. How you can follow one of out a million and never know where it may land.'


Precious Memories by Sister Rosetta Tharpe

'For me, the holidays and end of year are always a time of retrospect and reminiscing; nostalgic feelings of family, friends, and ease.'





Memories of Furniture by Daisuke Miyatani and paniyolo


Cariño by The Marías

'The warm melancholy sounds from both songs provide a feeling of comfort while maintaining enough liveliness to get through the cold days inside.'



I’m on Fire by Chromatics.

'Was supposed to be Maddie and I’s first dance song for the wedding we didn’t have, but has kinda evolved into a staple song in our household and reminds us of when we first met and getting married.'


21 Moon Water by Bon Iver

'Song / album I find myself listening to as the weather starts to get cold as we pass Thanksgiving. Reminds me of people and places from the past as life changes.'



Somebody Made For Me - Emitt Rhodes

'Emitt, sounds like the Beatles, an my dad turned me onto the Beatles growing up. He would always listen to them around the Holidays. His birthday is Christmas Day. So I always play this track as a nod to my pops who’s still gets into it around the Holidays'


Merry Christmas Baby by Otis Redding

'If you haven’t thrown on an Otis Christmas track, get hip to it! He’s one of those artists that does Christmas right. I’ve listened to this in July an friends are like “is this Otis doing a Christmas song?!"'



Either Way by Wilco

'Things in life can go wrong sometimes, but I’m reminded to stay the course, be a good person, and continue on my path.'


Love Like You by Steven Universe ft Rebecca Sugar

'Feeling grateful for the people in my life and being able to experience love enough though feel like I don’t always deserve it.'



As Warm As The Sun by Bryan Vargas & ¡Ya Está!


If Your Really Love Me by Stevie Wonder

'I grew up listening to Stevie Wonder, so hearing his music instantly reminds me of my family and so many lovely memories that we have shared together, especially around the holidays.'


Happy Holidays to you and a Happy New Year.