Jordan Nelson • June 26, 2024

Tea Tunes: Devotion

New Release

Looking to brew some musical inspiration into your daily routine?

The team at Spirit Tea has crafted the perfect community playlist themed around our recent tea release, "Devotion: Commitment and Relationships," to accompany your moments of tranquility and creativity. Featuring hand-picked tracks from our team members, this playlist is a harmonious blend of soothing melodies and uplifting lyrics that celebrate the bonds we all cherish.


Stand Up and Shout About Love by Larry Graham


When I think about the intersection of devotion, commitment, and relationship, I think about love and this song in particular.



Cherish the Day by Sade 


In addition to one of the most killer bass entrances in recorded music, "Cherish the Day" is about quiet, unflinching devotion; the promise beneath the promise; the humble persistence that isn't showy. Being present is integral to real devotion—finding those little, grounded moments of gratitude in a long journey. It makes love and prayer similar—diminishing yourself to let the greater thing in. When you're as bare-hearted and real as Sadé is in this song, the feeling of devotion is electric. Key line: "If you were mine / If you were mine / I wouldn't want to go to heaven."


Jordan N.

Perfect Day by Lou Reed


Something as simple as spending a day with someone you care for, even doing the most mundane of activities, is a pure expression of devotion. When time is so precious to us all, seemingly more so with each passing year, choosing to spend an entire day's worth of your time with someone is saying "I wouldn't rather spend it any other way." Even though it's a cooperative act, it's deeply personal to each person in their own unique way. Actions speak louder than words, and this is one of the most devoted actions a person can do.



Can't You See by Matthew and the Atlas


When I hear the words Devotion: Commitment and Relationship, a song that I immediately think of is Can't You See by Matthew and the Atlas.

It might be cliche, but this is the song that I had playing when I proposed to my now fiance. This song is just a reminder for her, that I'm always going to be by her side if she needs me there. Lasting relationships take a lot of commitment and care, but like they say, anything worthwhile takes time.



Unaware by Allen Stone


I like this song because of the way it describes the way we sometimes make compromises in order to be true to the commitments we make to the people in our lives we love and care for. Relationships are all about the push and pull we are willing to give and take, it’s definitely not easy but I can see it being worth it in the end.


Atoll by Nai Palm


When we think of the words "devotion, commitment, relationship" the underlying factor between them (for me) is love. Love must exist within all of these whether for yourself, a partner, community, or a passion.


Speaking in terms of love in relationships, I feel that this song beautifully encapsulates the strength, patience, and understanding that is needed and required. It is a beautiful expression of unconditional love, how it ebbs and flows, and yet even at the worst of times choosing to love is a worthwhile endeavor.



A Little Happiness by Hebe Tien

It reflects on the beauty of cherished memories and the precious moments of love and also captures the feelings of gratitude and the impact of a special relationship on one’s life.

Jordan S.

I Found You/Nilda's Story by Benny Blanco, Calvin Harris & Miguel


This song reminds me of commitment specifically establishing relationships across time and space. It reminds us of the remote possibility of ever having crossed paths in the first place, and how those roads lead to a lifelong partnership. I get this feeling with our producer partners, and talented employees that make up Spirit Tea.


Harvest Moon by Jane Birkin


While countless songs extol the excitement of new love, only a few honor the beauty of enduring relationships. This song, originally written and performed by Neil Young, does just that, capturing the romance of lasting love with the same grace as any ode to love at first sight. I selected Jane Birkin's cover for its transformation of the classic folksy melody into an atmospheric, jazzy piece with soft piano, double bass, and twinkling glockenspiel bells.


Tratame Suavemente by Soda Stereo


This song reminds me of empathy and mutual respect, which are super important for personal and work relationships.


How Deep Is Your Love by Bee Gees


The title of the song itself gives you an idea of what it's going to be about: love and depth. When I was a kid, I'd listen to this song and think of relationships and loving someone. Devotion, relationships, and commitment are often perceived as requiring another person, whether it's a friend, partner, or family. Lately, I've been really honing in on the devotion and love I have for myself and the significance of solitude.


So when I sing along: "How deep is your love? I really mean to learn, 'Cause we're livin' in a world of fools breakin' us down. When they all should let us be. We belong to you and me" I ask myself the same question, and it makes me want to dedicate my time and love to myself, always serving to learn and reminding myself not to allow distractions or negative energy to affect me. To devote myself to the present.


Mi Vida sin tu Amor by Son Rompe Pera


Dedication is a big word. It was interesting picking a song that makes me think about something or someone that gets my dedication -- ultimately, I think about my kids and my partner. If I could write a song for them, it would be Mi Vida sin tu Amor. I love them and love seeing where life takes them in their own world and ours together. That's a commitment for the rest of my life. Also, ska. :)


Lover's Rock by Cruza


Speaking to the devotion of love you have for someone, and the tribulations that come from it. Lyrically romantic and realistic, this song has resonated with me recently.