Casey Chartier-Vignapiano • July 25, 2023

Summer 2023. Coshe's Mixtape: Luck and Willpower.

good fun

We're completing your tea session with a curated mixtape with every new release. Thanks to our Spirit, Cöshe.




As you brew your favorite Spirit Tea blends, let these smooth melodies transport you to a world of serenity and tranquility. The 8: Luck and Will power, is in celebration of Spirit Tea’s 8th birthday and our new tea release, each track is designed to enhance your tea-drinking experience. Let the music guide you through moments of reflection, victories, introspection and pure relaxation.



The Focus


I want the feeling of the playlist, to mirror the experience from brewing to sipping a fresh cup of tea from start to finish.
As you start the playlist, the first notes greet you with a mellow embrace, setting the mood for a tranquil moment. Soon, the tempo picks up, and the music’s uplifting rhythms emerge, elevating your spirits and filling you with positive and inspiration. As playlist progresses, you’ll encounter tunes that resonate with the feeling of Spirit Tea’s soul-nurturing journey.



Little Sunflower


I wanted to start this playlist off with tracks that our audience could listen to while preparing their tea. 'Little Sunflower' harp strings, played by Dorothy Ashby, is such a beautiful and soothing melody. Every time I listen to this song, I imagine a time-lapse of a flower growing. For this reason, I found it very fitting for the company's growth or for slowly watching your tea brew in a pitcher.



I’m a huge fan of Little Dragon and have been listening to this Gold album the last couple weeks. When looking at the theme of this release, I came across Yunnan Gold and instantly thought of this song. Apart from the beautiful lyrics, the chorus says: “Gold on my skin, gold everything. Ooh, you make me feel like million dollars, it’s heartfelt overflowing — your heart is so kind, your presence so right” The Yunnan Gold is a fresh, tippy, black uplifting tea. This song gives the same vibe and I’d imagine swaying, while drinking fresh cup of the golden buds of Yunnan.




Pressure" is the eighth song of the album. There's this immediate sense of urgency I get from this track—the sirens and general victory sound—followed by the comfort of the piano and calm vocals. The song reminds me of being present, self-evaluating, and reassuring yourself. I believe it's essential to ask yourself these questions, and in celebration of Spirit Tea's 8th year, I chose this song to both celebrate and reflect.  

Natural High + Summerlude


This song is so smooth, soulful and full of love. A natural high can be derived by anything you want it to be, whether it’s surrounding yourself with love, music, company, etc. In this case, I wanted to focus on the ritualistic aspect of a fresh hot cup of tea and how that process is a high — than experience after drinking your tea. ✮