Spirit Tea

Earth Humanity Heaven

An uncommon selection of handmade teas, each reflecting a unique moment in space and time.

"Spirit Tea are the most dedicated tea company I've had the pleasure of working with. From their sourcing, to their focus on education, to the care they take in their brewing practices, these guys are the real deal. I can't recommend them or their product enough." -Alex Evans, M5Espresso


"Drinking delicious tea in a coffee bar is great—but it's nothing like sitting with experts like the ones at [Spirit] for an hour, learning about the beverage's history and intricacies, and emerging from these sessions gloriously dizzy, mind blow and tea drunk, with a new appreciation for the vastness of tea—the sheer size of its history, complexity and deliciousness... And yet, in the right hands, a coffee bar with a focused tea program can result in a better, more complete cafe experience." -Jordan Michelman, Sprudge.

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