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An uncommon selection of handmade teas, each reflecting a unique moment in space and time.

The Meaning of Tea

One of the elements about tea that we love sharing with people is how it can be appreciated from so many of the worlds disciplines of knowledge.  

In all our years in the tea industry it is always so fulfilling to come across the many people summoned to the leaf and the ways in which the passion was first sparked.  Tea can be seen as a source for understanding the history of the world.  Following the path of tea one also encounters the spread of one of the worlds most prominent religions.  After Tea popularity grew to a fever pitch in the west, botanical classification underwent a renaissance worldwide. Tea even affected the spread of art, science, and agriculture.  

When we work with newcomers to tea we address these phenomenons to try to incubate a natural passion for it.  

Especially in the west where traditional tea is so obscure, the taste profiles so unusual to prior experience, and the misinformation by many tea companies, the true path must be in the way of things and uniquely personal. 

The meaning of Tea


One of our favorite quotes is from the venerable James Norwood Pratt the great tea historian most known for his poetic ideographs cataloging the worlds teas.  

"Tea is a miracle of vegetation that has become a treasure of the world as medicine, beverage, currency and communion - the wellspring of empires, industries and arts."