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Tea vs Coffee a comparison of parallels and differences

Comparison of Tea and Coffee

For so long in the United States Tea has been placed at odds against coffee in the American psyche. Stemming even from the earliest days of our country, consumption of Coffee is celebrated as a patriotic action. 

With the explosion of Third Wave coffee the era of mega complexity is upon us as we are year to year ushered into a beautiful world of peaks of harvest.  

But as we all know coffee has come a LONG way to get here. For many of us it is only in recent memory that micro roasted single origin coffees have become so readily available. 

Most of us remember the age of coffee where the ‘gourmet’ coffee often had not only a high roast profile, but also the addition of many flavoring agents.  Rarely did you see single origin coffee at least not without the sweetening agents to make it appealing to the American palette. 

Tea today is often highlighted in a similar light with Earl Grey being the tea that first comes to mind.

Tea like Coffee is grown at high elevations, features seasonal growing cycles, and in many cases has roasting and firing that contribute to mouthfeel, aroma, and taste.  Has particular brewing vessels that help bring out the subtle nuances of each type, variety, and oxidation level.  

If you travel across to the nations top shops you may even find shops with serious tea programs that help showcase these traits. We have met with so many baristas that share a curiosity for tea but for years have had the same flavored selections year to year.  To the point that it ceases to be interesting.  

Having spent 7 years in Tea and 2 in Coffee its important to translate tea terminology in a matter that is relatable to Coffee.  

For ease I have created this chart that might help you translate Tea into Coffee.  While the parallels are not always exact the concepts themselves help to make this field easier for you.