Spirit Tea

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An uncommon selection of handmade teas, each reflecting a unique moment in space and time.

Spirit Tea Manifesto

S P I R I T was conceived in 2014 with the idea that Americans are ready for the art of tea. We chose the name because of its latin origin spirare, which means “to breathe.” When we drink tea, we do not drink the leaves but the volatile oils extracted from them by water, we drink their essence, their spirit—the leaves remain. When you stop and commit yourself to nothing but the act of making tea, you take time to breathe and taste the wind, sunlight and clouds behind the miracle in your cup.

Our leaves are to be had raw. No flavors, sweeteners, “health blends” or gimmicks. Introduce yourself, get to know them. Sprinkle them in hot water and acquaint yourself with aromas that were imbued on the other side of the planet. Somebody—many people— put their heart into cutting the soil, planting the seeds, tending the gardens, the plucking, rolling, baking and drying of these leaves. That connection is there, you can touch it. Tea is a process of pure love.

                                   Photo Credit   Lucy Hewitt

                                   Photo Credit  Lucy Hewitt

Part of the reason we began S P I R I T was from our own frustrations working in an industry which diluted the experience of tea with other motives. We are dedicated to the belief that tea should be drank for tea's sake, with no other justification in mind. We want to be the dynamo for furthering the craft of tea in America, including providing the education for appreciation. We seek out the most uncanny leaves, with the most striking characteristics in the belief that the wild can sometimes be the most enticing gateway into another world.

Most importantly, we implemented a program called Teas for Trees as a way to give back to our planet, which needs trees to breathe. We partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation® so that every order we 0ll, no matter how big or small, plants a tree. This year, we've chosen the Au Sable State forest in Michigan. A wise man once said, “tea represents a true triumph of the meek.” With three and a half billion cups of tea consumed daily worldwide, perhaps the meek have inherited the earth.