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Sen Nyo Rikyu: the Spirit of the Japanese Tea Ceremony

"Sen No Rikyu the founder of the Japanese Tea Ceremony committed harikiti or ritual suicide by disembowlemnet in 1591 at the order his lord Hidiyoshi. Just before he took his own life his own life he said 'when I have this sword, there is no Buddha and no patriarchs.'

He meant when we have the sword of big  mind, there is no dualistic world, and the only thing that exists is this spirit.

This kind of importable spirit was always present in Rikyu's tea ceremony. He never did anything in just a dualistic way, he was ready to die at each moment. In ceremony after ceremony he died, and he renewed himself. 

This is the spirit of the tea ceremony, this is how we bow."

Excerpt from Zen Mind Beginners Mind by Shunryo Sizuki