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Making the case for an Oil Free Tea Menu

If you have been following our work at S P I R I T you may notice something peculiar about our offerings. If you scroll through the list of teas on our website you might see a category missing that you will find on most other tea vendors, 'flavored,' or 'blends.' 

You may think we are crazy, after all this is America, the land of the free, and the home of the big gulp.  The general consensus appears to be if you want to make tea 'interesting,' simply add flavored oils to them.  Stroll by most mainstream tea shops and be greeted by a wave of incense, sugar crystals that look like meth, and lexicon that is nothing short of rampant orientalism. 


Our approach at S P I R I T is different - to us the only oil appropriate for tea is the natural volatile oils that are part of the genetic heritage of the tree itself.  Depending on the terroir of course you can find floral, malt, fruit, sweet, and vegetal notes harnessed within the leaf itself.  

We will make no attempt to be 'mainstream' as we feel any artificial elements go against the very essence of what tea is all about.  

One of our proudest moments was watching one of our accounts cross out the flavored teas off their menu: