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Iced Tea - How to make - Best Practices

So it is May now of 2016 and its time to start talking iced tea! 

But first a quick rant about the current state of Iced Tea in the USA dining scene: 

Traditionally in the United States Tea is consumed in large batch brew machines with an exceptionally low grade of Assamica typically derived from Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Southern India, Kenya, or Argentina.   

Typically the dry leaf appears like dust as the leaves have been curated by machines in a style known as Crush Tear Curl.  The resulting brew is brisk, strong, and very dark in appearance.  

This type of tea is very typical in restaurants from the low end to the high end and is almost entirely flavorless and lifeless. 

Sadly, Iced Tea is often evaluated in terms of its apperance in the cup, and not so much the taste, aroma, or body.  :( 

Traditional Iced Tea in the USA - colorful yet lifeless in terms of taste, aroma, and body.

Traditional Iced Tea in the USA - colorful yet lifeless in terms of taste, aroma, and body.

But Damnit! We aim to change all of that - from a sourcing perspective we focus on a blend of cultivars typically from Fujian China such as in our Sunstone Iced Tea or alternatively we throw in some tea derived from Yunnan China.  The resulting brew is full bodied, nuanced, and full of aroma.  

We are steering our customers away from batch brew methods to help create more flavor and taste in the cup -  here are three methods we typically use: 

How to make Flash Brew Iced Tea: 

In the Tea industry what we deem a flash brew is essentially a concentrate that is brewed at normal strength with half the amount of water and then poured over ice. In this way you have a proper amount of astringency that balances out the rest of the cup.  

 Recipe for making Flash Brew Iced Tea  (12oz.)

Step 1:  Measure out 5g of Tea

Step 2:  Add tea to brewing vessle

Step 3:  Add 150g of water at proper temp  

Step 4: Pour over a full cup of Ice

How to make Cold Brew Tea: 


Step 1: measure out 20g of Tea per Liter

Step 2: add filtered water into the vessel you are steeping

Step 3: wait 12 hours for Green Tea, and Oolong Tea,  24 hours for black tea and white tea

How to make shaken Iced Tea: 

Shaken Iced Tea - How to Make

Shaken Iced Tea - How to Make


Step 1:  Follow steps necessary for making concentrate but instead pour into a shaker filled with 1/3 ice.  

Step 2: shake until bottom of shaker is cold  

Step 3: pour into a cup with 1/3 filled with ice