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How to plant a tree from seed

Today I’d like to talk to you how to plant trees and shrubs. Fall is the perfect time to

plant trees in most areas of the country. The cool air and short days stimulate the

leaves to drop. The warm soil creates the conditions for the roots to grow.

By planting in fall your tree will have the perfect time to establish itself before the

heat and the drought of next summer. Consider, the sun and climatic conditions in

your area. Also consider the amount of space your tree has to grow. A shade tree is

going to need a big lawn area to grow and flourish, a smaller tree you can plant

near your house or in a small perennial garden.

Also consider multiple seasons of interest in your tree or shrub. You cant plant a tree

that will have beautiful berries, pealing bark, or flowers while it blooms.

Consider the ultimate height of your tree, if you plant a tree underneath a wire you

are going to have to prune it as the tree grows further.

When you go to a garden center you will find trees in plastic pots or bald and

burlap. Plastic plots tend to be light weight and easier to drag around, but they have

small soil mass so the roots can dry out fast. Bald and burlap have a lot of soil so

the trees are healthier, but they are heavier to move them around.

Regardless of how your trees come, planting them is all the same heres how.

Step by Step

Step 1:

Dig a hole two to three times as wide as the root ball. Now you will want to loosen

up the soil around the tree so that the roots have enough space to grow around the

trees. Next check the depth of your root ball.

Step 2:

You will want to plant the tree so its just above the soil line. Meaning you will want

the roots to be underground but have the trunk of tree above ground.

Step 3:

Now you will want to add water to the soil, so this will help force the air pockets out

of the soil, and there will be better root contact.

Step 4:

Next create a moat around the perimiter tree, pull the soil back away from your

trunk. What this does is everytime it rains you will want the water to reach the trees

most critical root structure.

Step 5:

Pour some bark mulch around your tree to conserve moisture and protect the tree in

the winter. You will want to put 2-3” of mulch around the tree. Make sure its not

against the tree itself.

So that’s it this is how you plant a tree! Plant more trees and help us breathe a little


Here is a visual guide for how to do this on your own:


How to grow trees from seed

How to grow trees from seed