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How to make cold brew Tea

Iced tea, through a fairly recent invention remains one the most popular ways to consume tea all around the world.  There are many different ways to make iced tea and today we are going to explore the many methods of making the popular drink. 

How to make cold brew tea: 

One of our favorite ways to make Iced Tea is to make cold brew.  Of all these methods it probably takes the longest, but it also reveals the most complexity in the leaf.  It can make a tea that is very astringent and dry suddenly very palatable and full bodied.  The beautiful thing is you are actually able to extract the most essential oils, amino acids, and flavanoid compounds that make the tea so vibrant. 

Step 1:  Select your tea brewing vessel - in most cases it is a double walled glass device like this one: 

Step 2: Dose the Tea 

The ideal ratio is 5 grams per 400ml so for the vessel above the ideal weight is 15 grams of tea.  If you under dose the tea will come out to thin and not very complexed.  

Step 3:  Add Cold Filtered Water to the Tea 

how to make cold brew tea

Step 4: How long to cold brew each tea type

White, Green, and Oolong Tea steep in cold water for 12 hours 

Black Tea steep in cold water for 24 hours  

Step 5: Strain and enjoy

To stretch the tea a bit longer its helpful to have a cup of ice on hand when serving.  The tea is naturally very concentrated so you could actually get about 12-15 servings out of 1000ml.