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Guerrilla Tree Planting

We are hoping to launch a new concept in 2014; we call it Guerrilla planting.

Imagine if at your favorite music festival there were thousands of trees to distribute and instead of a field littered with plastic, instead there were beautiful arbor life growing to mark the occasion?

Such a concept we do not believe is all that far fetched.

We are working on creating a mass movement where trees are distributed at heavily populated events and folks are encouraged to plant trees.

But the concept doesn't have to stop there.

In addition to dropping leaflets, food, and water to countries in a humanitarian crises, we could re purpose those military planes to drop trees!

The idea is that the trees would lodge into the ground and create a plethora of new growth to prevent soil erosion, and help locals to become self sustaining.

Here is an example of this idea:


Instead of this

Instead of this

Trees to mark the celebration!  

Trees to mark the celebration!