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Best Tea for Hospitality

When you are looking to setup a tea program for your hotel, restaurant, or entertainment venue its important to think about your target market.  Just about every venue will serve tea in some fashion but few think about the world's second most popular beverage as a powerful differentiation medium.  

With the rise of tea popularity in the United States we are seeing the first generation to consume an equivalent amount of tea as they do coffee.  Guests will begin to demand a better quality tea program at hotels across the United States.  

What areas of the hotel feature tea?  

In room tea service allows guests to prepare and enjoy tea in the comfort of their hotel room

In room tea service allows guests to prepare and enjoy tea in the comfort of their hotel room

In room tea service allows guests to experience tea in the comforts of their room.  What is so awesome about tea is that it is so easy to create from ones own volition.  Many in room coffee makers also have the ability to dispense hot water - so simply having a water hook up is great.  For this purpose most hotels will choose tea bags to have in the room for guests to easily enjoy - but pre portioned loose tea with a simple infuser offers an easier way to differentiate yourself.  


Tea for the dining area is typically batch brew iced tea.   Batch brew Iced Tea is when you make a concentrate of a strong black tea and dilute it with ice and water.  This is a very profitable channel for most hotels.  Most Food and Beverage directors however would do their guests a solid by upgrading to a higher quality iced tea.  The cost difference is less than a dime more and the complexity is much greater this way.

High Tea for Hotels are a more formal setting for tea within hospitality.  It offers a very high ticket item with very little cost involved.  Here in Chicago the average price for tea time ranges from $50-$150 per person.  The product costs involved is less than $3 per table - and thats assuming a higher grade of tea.  

Top 5 ways to improve Tea Service at Hotels: 

  1. Invest in better quality tea:  even the highest quality teas in the world will cost less than $1.5 per cup.  The margin is still very healthy and it is a very simple way to increase the guests satisfaction - particularly for international guests. 
  2. Partner with a tea company that offers training for staff to better present the tea.  Tea will be much closer to the wine programs at hotels as popularity grows - its important your staff understands how to both prepare and present the tea.  
  3. Venture beyond flavored teas - its all too easy to pick a selection of flavored teas that demonstrate very little foresite.  These options are both common and reduce from the integrity of a very complexed agricultural crop with rich history. 
  4. Have multiple temprature hot water towers in your kitchen to prepare the tea at the appropriate heat.  In this way the tea will not end up getting overly astringent and bitter. 
  5. Find unique ways to feature the tea - the bar, spa, in room, and dining room offers areas where it could be completely improved