Manual Tea Maker Nº1
Manual Tea Maker Nº1
Manual Tea Maker Nº1
Manual Tea Maker Nº1

Manual Tea Maker Nº1

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  • Borosilicate Glass Vessel
  • Porcelain Lid
  • Porcelain Bowl
  • 150ml Capacity
  • Great for Beginners and Experts

Designed in tandem with Manual Goods, Tea Maker Nº1 is a modern interpretation of the gaiwan—a traditional Chinese loose leaf tea brewing vessel. The small volume is ideal for making multiple short infusions, each one highlighting different characteristics of the tea. The double walled glass design keeps the steep temperature stable and the outside cool to the touch. No strainer is needed: one finger simply pulls back the lid and—with a flick of the wrist—the tea is poured out of the small opening into the tea bowl. Ultimately, Manual Tea Maker Nº1 is designed to celebrate the aesthetic experience of steeping loose leaf tea.

This brewer is recommended to use with long-leafed tea, particularly black and oolong. Smaller leaves might make for a messier cup!

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