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Qi Yun #23 Thick

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Qi Yun #23 Thick
Qi Yun #23 Thick
Qi Yun #23 Thick
Qi Yun #23 Thick
Qi Yun #23 Thick

 A North American debut for the #23 Qi Yun cultivar as a black 'thick' style tea. 'Thick' style tea consists of thicker leaves, which lend more aromatics to the cup. Try its 'thin' counterpart here.

Making it's first appearance outside of Taiwan is Mr Luo's TRES #23 Qi Yun cultivar. With this black 'thick' style tea, you will experience enhanced aromatics. Mr Luo accepted risk when he planted a whopping 8,000 hand-picked Qimen seedlings of the never-before-seen cultivar in 2019. His reward was a tea whose aroma turn heads when compared to the usual Camellia sinensis var. sinensis black teas. We are honored and humbled to be one of the first companies outside of Taiwan to offer the #23 cultivar to the public for the first time. Notes of 

toasted oats, violets, and marzipan. 

Cultivar: Qi Yun TRES #23
Producer: Mr. Luo
Region: Nantou County, Shan Li Xi, Taiwan
Elevation:  1200 MASL
Harvest Date: March 2022
 Black Tea
Brewing Recommendation:

5g | 340ml water | 205°F | 3:30

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