Spirit Tea

Earth Humanity Heaven

An uncommon selection of handmade teas, each reflecting a unique moment in space and time.

What can be touched?

Beyond the beating heart, the electric pulses of the brain—what is there to a body?

When we steep tea, we do not drink leaves but the volatile oils extracted from them by water—we drink their essence, their spirit—the leaves remain. What imbues each tea with an intriguing myriad of tastes is a matter of hand craftsmanship, process, season and the land from which they sprouted. These conditions, while similar from year-to-year, can not be replicated.

S P I R I T celebrates the inner life of tea, the absolutely unique character of each leaf. Originating from the Latin word spirare, meaning "to breathe," spirit signifies the invisible miracle behind what can be touched.  

We seek to honor the rare energy, craftsmanship and process behind each moment in the experience of tea, bringing small-batch, seasonally curated harvests from family farms to your teapot.