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White and Green Tea Sampler


White and Green Tea Sampler


3x Samples from our seasonal White and Green tea collection.

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Discover the freshness of new growth and the raw beauty of the tea plant with a seasonal trio from our white and green collection. 

The finest white teas come from harvests consisting entirely of new-growth buds. They are gently oxidized through withering and gradual dehydration spanning a period of thirty to forty hours. This process coaxes forth creamy floral notes from the tea leaves. Fresh white tea yields an ivory-colored liquor.

Green tea is made by dehydrating and firing (cooking) of young leaves just after plucking to prevent oxidation and enzymatic breakdown. This minimal, yet skillful craftsmanship best accentuate the quality of leaf and growing region.

Both types are wonderful insights into the tea plant, very close to its natural state.


(Sample size is 10 grams per bag)