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Oolong Tea Sampler


Oolong Tea Sampler


3x samples from our seasonal Oolong tea collection.

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One could argue that the family known as oolong represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship in tea. In this sampler, you'll taste three varieties of our seasonally curated selections from the category.

Artful, slower oxidation imbues intense flavor and aromatic compounds into oolong styles. Teas in this category range the gamut of the oxidation spectrum. Meaning literally "black dragon" in Mandarin, oolong encompasses a broad definition, with tastes ranging from vegetal and floral in character, to fruity and syrupy.

Oolong is a tradition at once centuries-old, yet always innovating through new techniques, cultivars and production regions. The best oolongs require intense attention, with 24-48 hours of continual processing. This includes a deliberate bruising of the leaf to encourage oxidation, followed by a gradual rolling and baking cycle to shape the leaf and lock in flavor by reducing surface area, encouraging multiple steeps.


(Sample size is 10 grams per bag)