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Black Tea Sampler


Black Tea Sampler


3x samples from our seasonal Black tea collection.

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Using a tea plant's intense tannin concentration to their favor, black tea producers use deliberate oxidation to produce a cup that's rich, complex and rewarding. Those who chose this sampler will recieve three of the black teas from our current collection.

The most heavily-oxidized family; black teas (called red tea in China) yield enticingly rich bodies as well as honey, cocoa, malt and fruit notes. To encourage this oxidation, black teas are subjected to high humidity and heat during the withering stage. This process is sensitive and can lead to spoiling if not monitored closely.

Originating in the 19th century, thanks largely to European demand, black teas are the youngest family of major tea types but, with rising popularity worldwide, there's still a tale to tell.


(Sample size is 10 grams per bag)