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Crescent Green


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Crescent Green
Crescent Green
Crescent Green
Crescent Green
Crescent Green
Crescent Green

Not far from the Bao Shan range in Yunnan lies a tiny village home to Hui People, a Muslim-Chinese minority. It was here that we met Mr. Ji, his family, and fellow farmhands. Though mostly a traditional pu’er cultivator, each year the village produces around a hundred kilograms of beautiful Yunnan green tea. We are the first supplier outside of China to offer their work. We are proud to present the Crescent Green among our New Standards. True to pu’er farming: his methods are rustically simple, but effective. The end result is a supremely drinkable green tea with honey-like sweetness, low astringency and new terroir. Notes of sandalwood, apricot, and honeycomb.

Region: Baoshan, Yunnan, China
Variety: Heirloom (Blend; primarily Da Ye) 
1000 meters above sea level
Harvest Date: 
March 2020
Mr. Ji
Brewing Recommendation: 
5g tea | 340ml water | 175°F | 3:00 

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