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Wild Purple
Wild Purple
Wild Purple
Wild Purple
Wild Purple
Wild Purple



If sheng puer is an attempt to instill the beauty of old tea tea trees through the language of raw fermentation, “purple tea” seeks to capture it through oxidation and a halted fermentation. The daliensis plant—a cousin of tea—grows wild in the forests of Yunnan. Its leaves exhibit anthocyanin, the nutritious pigment responsible for blueberries' color—creating a purple hue. Wild Purple is processed by hand using the Gong Fu Dian Hong method, bundled in cloth during oxidation, shaped and fired by hand in a small pan, and, like gushu pu’er material, laid to dry in the sun. Producer Ms. Zhang is a third-generation master who learned cultivation from her father. In her words, every choice she made in production of this tea was to highlight the absolutely unique character of the old trees she harvests from. Notes of fermented blueberries and rose with a lingering eucalyptus finish.

Region: Lincang, Yunnan, China
Daliensis (Wild Species)
2,000 meters above sea level
March-April 2019
Ms. Zhang
Brewing Recommendations:
5g tea | 340 mL water | 205°F | 4:00

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