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Zairai Heirloom Sencha


Zairai Heirloom Sencha

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Kawane is one of the most popular tea production areas in Shizuoka. Set along the banks of the Sasama River, in a valley of partially shading mountains, it is known for its abundance of fireflies. Okamura-san seeded this Zairai garden by hand thirty years ago. Each year, it yields less than one hundred kilos of aracha to be processed by decorated chasho Wada Kyoshi Shoten. Zairai, means “native”—it is an unregistered variety and each encounter reflects regional nuances in terroir, process and lineage. In short, each will be totally unique. Drinking Zairai is a great way to appreciate true taste of a region. Notes of green apple, steamed kale, fresh asparagus.

Region: Kawane, Shizuoka, Japan

Variety: Zairai (Heirloom)

Elevation: 300 meters above sea level

Harvest Date: May 20, 2018

Producer: Okamura-san (Farmer), Wada Kyoshi Shoten (Chasho)

Brewing Recommendation

5g tea | 340ml water | 170F | 1 minute 30 seconds