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Warashina Sencha


Warashina Sencha

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Along the the Warashina River, a freshwater vein flowing to the Abe River, is where monk Shoichi Kokushi introduced tea cultivation to Shizuoka in the 13th century. In between the rivers and mountains, a distinct subcategory of Japanese tea was born: honyama cha. Naturally producing a theanine-rich leaf, it steeps mellow, plush, and pleasantly savory. Our dear friend, chasho Kojima-san, skillfully highlights the best attributes of “mountain tea” with notes of buttered bread, cantaloupe, and eucalyptus.

Variety: Blend (Yabukita dominant)
Region: Warashina, Shizuoka, Japan
Elevation: 250 meters above sea level
Harvest Date: May 2019
Producer: Mr. Kojima
Brewing Recommendation: 5g tea | 340 mL water | 170°F | 2:00