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Misono no Hikari Gyokuro

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Misono no Hikari Gyokuro

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Is Harumoegi the next great Japanese tea variety? Grandchild of the ubiquitous Yabukita cultivar, Harumoegi strikes the perfect balance between heartiness, refinement and flavor in the infused cup. It is still a relatively new and obscure variety (only cultivated since 2003), but carries excellent, clean umami and sweetness. Shaded for twenty-one days before handpicking—it is produced by our friend, Yuu Kobayashi, a twelfth generation master producing some of the best examples of shade grown tea in Japan.

Region: Kyotanabe, Kyoto, Japan

Variety: Harumoegi

Harvest Date: May 2017

Producer:  Kobayashi-San

Brewing Recommendation: 

5g tea | 12oz water | 160F | 1:30 minutes