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Kojima Aged Sencha


Kojima Aged Sencha

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This kuradashi sencha is a blend of spring harvests from multiple gardens, dehydrated, then brought to a stone castle on a mountain in Ikawa to age and mellow until autumn. Tea Master Kojima-San continues to produce this rare tea by the same traditions established in the Edo period. Umami, savory, yet not overpowering: the product of its maker's mastery. After the maturing period, his factory refined the tea with a signature hiire baking and final sorting in October. The aging process completely alters the spring leaf and produces a new flavor that complements cold months perfectly.

Region: Honyama, Shizuoka, Japan

Variety: Blend (Yabukita dominant)

Elevation:  250 meters above sea level (aged at 1167 meters)

Harvest Date: May 2017

Producer:  Mr. Kojima

Brewing Recommendation: 

5g tea | 12oz water | 170F | 1:30 minutes