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What is Matcha?

Nicole Wong

Tags education, green tea, japan, matcha

What is Matcha?
Matcha, the bright, near-neon Japanese powdered tea now ubiquitous in cafes, restaurants, and grocery stores, has skyrocketed to the mainstream. Popularized as a powerhouse health supplement, we’re happy to see matcha is beginning to be appreciated for its taste and tradition. Though matcha does blend well into lattes, candy, and even soba noodles, let’s take a look at this unique tea and its place in tea history.

How to Make Iced Tea: Flash Ice & Cold Brew Methods

Jordan Scherer

How to Make Iced Tea: Flash Ice & Cold Brew Methods

Iced tea is the most commonly enjoyed ways to drink tea, especially in the US. No matter the season, iced tea remains refreshing, familiar, and a fantastic base for signature beverages and cocktails. We have three tried-and-true methods we'd love to share with you.  How To Make Iced Tea: Flash Ice Method  1. Heat water to usual required temperature for tea. 2. Prewarm vessels.  3. Measure out tea with usual dose (for added concentration, double dose). 4. Place tea in teapot. 5. Fill teapot with half the desired amount of water volume (e.g. for 12 ounces, fill only 6 ounces)....

Yunnan Tea Journey Day 2: Pu'er

Taylor Cowan

Day 2 of Spirit Tea co-founder Taylor Cowan's journey through Yunnan, the province of China that is not only the fabled birthplace of tea, but where his handpicked selections of some of our seasonal black and fermented teas are found.