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An uncommon selection of handmade teas, each reflecting a unique moment in space and time.

S P I R I T Tea Sampler Pack

Sampler Pack .jpg
Sampler Pack .jpg

S P I R I T Tea Sampler Pack


Three Tea Sampler Includes: 

Daliensis Silver Needle: this rare, early spring silver needle is plucked from a big-leaved, wild species of the tea plant native to Southern China, Camellia Daliensis. Harvested in the Pu-er region of Yunnan this wondrous, subtle selection features notes of gentle cinnamon spice, hay, sweetgrass, and vanilla frosting with an enticingly creamy mouthfeel.  

Wu Lu:  Think of early spring: the budding anticipation, the sweet smell of the thawing earth, memories swirling by like lights of years past. It is rare to see a green tea grown half a mile above sea level, even rarer to see it so choicely pan-fired and meticulously, peerlessly rolled into this tight coil shape. 

China Breakfast: Originally, the style referred to the "spice chest" malt and black pepper notes of a Chinese-style black tea.  As British tea production shifted to India in the late 19th century, inexpensive blends of machine-harvested tea became the norm. Our single-origin Fujian selection pays homage to the original English Breakfast. The tea infuses a brilliant, vivid red and is adaptable to most brewing methods.

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