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Yame Sencha

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Yame Sencha

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This resplendent, verdant sencha comes from the earliest harvests of Hoshino Village, Yame, Fukuoka. Accordingly, great care was taken by the Yamaguchi family during their proprietary steaming and finishing processes. As is common in Yame, the steaming profile veers on fukamushi (deep-steaming). At forty-five seconds firing time, it straddles the line between roasty and expressive profile. Saemidori, Yabukita and (newly lauded) Tsuyuhikari are included in this proprietary blend for a deep, toasty and umami profile.

Region: Hoshino Village, Fukuoka, Japan

Elevation:  250m

Varieties: Yabukita, Saemedori, Tsuyuhikari

Harvest Date: May 2017

Producer: Yamaguchi family

5g | 165F | 12oz | 1:15